The idea of writing this series of books began a very long time ago.

When I was in my early teens, I went on a visit to Derbyshire with a friend’s family. As we were walking on the moors, we came across the ruins of a large house. I think it had been Georgian. At least that’s what the tumble-down remains looked like to me. We wondered about it, of course, and why it had been left abandoned.

Over the years, the idea of this house smouldered at the back of my mind, never really going away. Who had lived there? Had it grown from smaller beginnings? How often had it been altered to reflect passing fashions.

I decided, one day, to write about it as a young man’s face came to me, as well as his name. He had ash blonde hair and was called Seth. He lived in the 13th century. His story gradually came to me, but I’m not saying any more of that here, because it will spoil things for anyone who wants to read about him later. (He’s not written yet.)

Then I thought about how I could go back further than Seth, so I started to write about Adelbehrt, a young Germanic boy, taken as a slave by the Romans and brought to Britain. This explained the beginnings of the family in Britain. His story is told in the first book, Vengeance of a Slave.

I have started the second book in this family history. As yet it is untitled, but it follows the life of a young girl, a descendant of Adelbehrt, in the Britain of the Danes.

Vengeance of a Slave is now available as an ebook, and also in paperback format from Amazon. You can buy it by following this link.


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History is being made all the time, and writing about it is a pleasure.

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